Monday, June 21, 2010

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Jim DeMint endorsed candidate claims they will "control the senate"

What is Jim DeMint up to? Why would he have an interest in a U.S. Senate candidate from Utah? Is Jim DeMint trying to play kingmaker in so many republican primary races because he is gunning for Senate leadership? Next he and Mike Lee will control the Senate, the supreme court, the white house, and soon the world and as constitutional lawyers they will ensure they uphold the constituion throughout the process.

From Youtube: Mike Lee and Jim DeMint will build a coalition to control US Senate

Moderator: "If you are elected as the new Senator from Utah, who will be your mentor and why?"

Mike Lee: "My mentor in the senate and among those who are still in the world of the living will be Jim Demint in whose endorsement I am pleased to have and who hails from South Carolina and who is an advocate of constitutionally limited government, and as I say the two of us together will build a coalition that will one day control the US Senate, to limit the size, scope, reach and cost of the federal government."

American Fork, UT
US Senate Republican Primary Debate Night
June 2, 2010